There is still a world full of opportunities and Trezah Foundation prepares needy children to be ready to embrace the opportunities. We equip needy children with education, basic needs as well medical care. We also provide mentorship and counselling programs to motivate them and build their confidence. Spending time with children makes them feel loved and care for.  We also help girls who are forced to undergo FGM and early marriages to get out of those situations. We motivate these children to aim for great things and we help them achieve their dreams. We believe that no situation is permanent, with the right attitude the children are able to overcome and they end up being conquerors.


Work with Children's Homes

We have worked with many children’s homes in Kenya to support the children they care for. We believe in helping and transforming lives.



Mentorship, Guidance and Counselling

Most of the needy children end up sad and depressed trying to understand why the are not privileged like other children. We direct them to desire to achieve greatness. We also mentor this children to provide transformational knowledge.


Rescue a Girl Initiative

Most young girls are victims of forced marriages and FGM. These practices are against the law and we aim at rescuing these children from these old practices that adversely affect their lives.

Feed a Child

We try to ensure that needy children do not go hungry. We work with communities as well as international groups to feed these children. We provide food stuffs to needy families, to children’s homes as well to homeless children.

Clothe a Child

Many needy children almost go naked due to lack of clothes. Clothes are important as they build their confidence as well as keep them warm. You can always donate clothes which we will distribute among the needy children. Let’s put a smile on their faces.

Sponsor Children

We believe in education and that is why we sponsor children to school. We aim at educating as many needy children as possible. We believe by doing so we are transforming a nation.

Children are special, they have a lot ahead of them, a lot to choose from, a lot of untapped potentials. They come into this world, relying on us to do the right thing by them.  Unfortunately, life is not always ‘colourful’ as they are ups and downs. In fact, life for some children is terrible; they have no place to sleep peacefully at night; no one to take care of them. Some children really struggle even to feed their younger ones. Trezah Foundation understands that every child has a future, we do the most to ensure we do right for the children. We know that children can become great if given the opportunity not only to survive in their bad situations but also to thrive. We distribute donations we receive to meet the needs of these children, promising them a better tomorrow.