My name is Princess Iradukunda, a refugee from Congo. I came to Kenya because of the war that was in Congo in 2014. I stayed with my mom for 6 years and was rescued by Shelter Children’s Home because my mom could not afford my school fees or basic needs. The children’s home was able to pay for my school fess up to Grade eight. I was able to get 349 marks in my K.C.P.E and Trezah Foundation was able to get me admitted at the prestigious St. Alphonsa Kisau Girls’ High School. I will do my best and to be able to go to a good university and become a lawyer so I can fight for justice.
Yours, P. Iradukunda.

I can say I’ve settled well and there is no more trouble like my first 2 weeks in High school. Thank you Trezah Foundation for paying for my school fees I don’t have a reason to fail because I will attend all my lessons. In school, I’ve chosen subjects that go well with computer studies because the world is moving to a technological one and I feel like the subject is important. As for clubs I joined St. John’s because they are determined and helpful and those are characteristics that I have. I am very thankful and I hope Trezah Foundation can continue helping those in need just like myself.
Yours, W. Njenga.

My name is Margaret Sidai. I have been in Shelter Children’s home for four years. They rescued me from early marriage and I feel so secure. I was able to get 345 marks and through Trezah Foundation I was able to join St. Alphonsa Kisau Girls’ High School. I want to work hard so I can be a lawyer so that I can save other Maasai girls from early marriages and also educate the Maasai community on the importance of education for girls.
Yours, M. Sidai.