Our Projects

Feed a Child Initiative

Approximately 250,000 children in Kenya under the age of 16 are currently struggling to access enough food in a day. These puts children at a high risk of serious health problems due to inadequate calorie intake. Dysfunctional eating habits and poor diet have long lasting effects on a child’s development and health. Feed a Child Initiative helps needy children to get food.  We also provide dry foods to the needy children. We work with corporate volunteers as well individuals who wish to provide meals to these needy children.

Provision of Shelter Initiative

Shelter protects children from many harms, for instance, cold, rain, predators, rapists, among many others. A shelter keeps children safe and eliminates risks that they would have to undergo without a shelter. Provision of Shelter Initiative aims at building shelters and help develop existing ones. We aim at ensuring that every child has a safe place to call home. In the shelters, we provide the necessities of these children like toiletries. We help safeguard the innocence our children.

Clothe a Child Initiative

Clothes seem like something we all have or we ought to have. Unfortunately, not every one can afford this basic need. Children without clothes are exposed to a lot of dangers and diseases. Providing clothes to these young ones puts a smile on their faces. Clothe a Child Initiative helps in the distribution of clothes to these needy children and it brightens their day. We also provide braiding hair pieces for girls. A small gesture can positively impact the life of another. It gives them hope for a bright future.

Sponsorship Program

Educations adds knowledge to a person. It helps one to become open-minded and prepares one for future encounters. Education sharpens the skills of a person and teaches them morals and values. Our Sponsorship Program aims at educating needy children. We believe that every child is entitled to education despite their current situation. Educating these children is like building strong towers of a building that once the building is shaken it cannot fall. These children gain knowledge that help them thrive through different circumstances as they grow up. Education helps them anticipate for a bright future.

Rescue a Girl Initiative

We noticed that some ladies are victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages. These girls are denied the opportunity to enjoy education and have to undergo these practices forcefully. Rescue a Girl Initiative aims at rescuing girls from these archaic practices and providing them with basic needs and other necessities. We empower ladies and let them know that they are also capable of a lot more in life.

Spread Some Love

Well, this project aims at putting smiles on the children’s faces. We spend time with these children and gift them many items like books, pens, clothes, and many other necessities. We also share meals with these children. This makes them to feel loved and gives them an opportunity to express their emotions. We encourage them to showcase their talents and  we make them feel appreciated. During this time, volunteers from various backgrounds mentor and guide the children.